Tuesday, 5 September 2017


With the continuous evolution of IAS exam over the year dynamicity is the key word. The pattern of IAS exam though operating in a fix premises is continuously changing. It is for no reason that UPSC is called Unpredictable Public Service Commission .There has been a decades and temporal trend with UPSC and to crack the exam one needs to get hold of that. If we closely book at the recent trends certain high yield focus areas have emerged and will continue to emerge. The importance of some key areas like Environment, Science and Technology, Applied Polity, Development Economics has increased while conventional physical geography, medieval history etc. have taken a back seat. To crack the exam its vital understand this trend at GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy it’s ensured that students are up to it.

Current Affairs is probably the most significant part of exam and within itself has a lot of dynamism to offer. There has been a clear cut change in the current affairs part as well which has changes from temporal based to situation based. Conventional part of current affairs for IAS exam has gained a lot of importance in recent years. A trend in news needs to be analyzed from social, economic and historic perspective. At GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy a very systematic approach to tackle the exam is followed .Some of the highlights of our academic program are.

1.      Daily ’45 min session on The Hindu.
2.      Daily answer writing practice for mains exam right from day 1
3.      One to one answer discussion with the student.
4.      Weekly, Monthly tests to continuously monitor progress of the candidate.
5.      Use of A-V aids and simple memorizing techniques.
6.      An insight weekly issues class aver and above the mains class.

With systematic approach and in mentor ship of top faculty members institute has been providing startling results in past few years. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017


SNM is the stop IAS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. SNM is known for the quality of teaching and professionalism of services. institute is consistency delivering  result from a decade. The Faculty members are authors of popular books of Current Affairs and Issues. The rich classroom experience, enriched study material, rigorous tests and feedback make SNM IAS Academy best IAS Coaching institute in Chandigarh.

Time Management for IAS Exam
Make Proper time table for study
Keep one day in one week for revision
Current affairs should be give a slot daily

Pick two modules at a time

-Many Subjects at a time
-Refusing to too many sources
-Variable time table changing every day

-Sticking to a Routine
-Focus On Important Subjects
-Answer Writing in Stipulated Time 

Friday, 31 March 2017


Current affairs form a very integral and significant part of academic preparation for IAS examination. GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy super specializes in coverage of all current issues, its in depth analysis and perspective building skills. In GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS institute, everyday newspaper analysis classes are held in which IAS aspirants are guided to filter the important and relevant information. IAS students are trained to use strategic approach to filter the useful information.

GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy provides specialized current affairs coaching inChandigarh in which current news related to all General Studies Modules, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Science and Technology, Ecology and Environment are covered extensively. For current affairs coaching GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy is starting with a specialized program from 13th April, 2017 for IAS aspirants 2017.In this 15 days programme respective days have been allotted to different current issues and news. Current affairs coaching in GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy takes care of preparation of IAS Prelims and Mains perspective.

Current government schemes and policies, current economic reforms like GST and demonetization, Current environmental and climate changes, current developments in the fields of space, defense and IT are elaborately discussed in GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


HPAS Prelims exam will be conducted in the month of June, 2017 with changed pattern, when CSAT is of qualifying nature and in HPAS mains there is only one optional subject and three papers of General Studies with special focus on Himachal State Has Changed pattern is based on the UPSC Model of IAS preparation. GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy provides coaching for HPAS preparation taking into consideration the changed syllabus. HPAS students are taught a balanced approach of General Studies & General Knowledge of Himachal state.GS classes are held from Monday to Friday. Himachal state special classes are held on weekend in which HPAS students study both conventional as well as contemporary knowledge of Himachal state. In GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Institute there are special classes for Hindi and English compulsory paper. HPAS candidates are trained for Essay writing preparation also according to current national and international issues.

For cracking HPAS exam with changed pattern, preparation for GS and Himachal state GK will be the game changer. HAS students will have to prepare all GS Modules i.e. History, Geography, Polity, Ecology and Economy thoroughly.

In GURUJI’s KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy, HPAS students are provided coaching for different optional subjects like Sociology, Psychology and Public Administration also. HPAS exam requires 360 degree preparation and S.N.M.IAS Academy does SWOT analysis of every candidate on regular basis.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

PCS Exam Preparation and Tips-SNM's

PCS exam is a state level civil services exam held annually by PPSC. It is a prestigious exam which promises a very satisfying and prestigious career like SDM, ETO, and BDO in the state. It is following the trend of IAS exam.

Thus demands hardworking and persistence S.N.M.IAS academy is the best institute for PCS coaching because their rigorous training modules well planned curriculum and enriched study material. Over and above the regular modules, there are separate classes for Punjab G.K, CSAT, current affairs and newspaper analysis. There is through emphasis on tests and answer writing practice to monitor the progress of the students and provide them the desired feedback.

Hence SNM is an answer to all the demands & challenges of PCS exam and that’s what makes it the best institute for IAS/PCS  Exam Preparation in Chandigarh.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

What is IAS Exam and How to Prepare For it?

Q1. Which is the best place for IAS coaching?

Ans. Although, there are many small big coaching centers but for proper guidance one has to go to a bigger city for preparation i.e. Chandigarh.

Q2. Why Chandigarh and not Delhi for IAS preparation?

Ans. Delhi has many good coaching centers but due to excess number of students and a teacher student ratio of our 100:1 there is no personal attention and guidance.

Q3. Which coaching center is better and how should I choose a coaching centre?

Ans. There are several criteria for choosing a coaching centre. One should look for:
·        Previous Results
·        Coaching Material
·        Personal Attention
·        Coaching Material
·        Personal Attention
·        Faculty
·        Coverage of syllabus within stipulated time
·        Newspaper Coverage
·        Current Affairs

Q4. What are the best coaching centers in Chandigarh? Where can I search?

Ans. The best coaching centers can be searched on the internet. Before choosing a coaching center student must visit the center before. Visit www.snmiasacademy.com for more clarity & details.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Public Administration Coaching-SNMIASACADEMY

Public Administration is one of the most promising optional for UPSC, PCS, HAS and HCS exam. It is one optional which by one mean or the other bas to be studies by every UPSC aspirant. The coaching for Public Administration exam starts immediately after Prelims followed by test series. At SNM IAS Academy the focus of teaching remains on conceptual clarity, writing practice and updated material to handle the dynamic nature of the paper. The students are prepared to answer analytical, opinion based and current based questions through enriching discussion, proper feedback and stringent testing of writing skills. The expertise of the faculty along with the intent to raise the bar of quality and involvement year after year makes SNM IAS Academy the best institute in the country to take Public Administration Coaching from.